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Don’t be fooled by Hamas’ propaganda

by Diane B. Gensler

Hamas appears to be profitable the battle — the battle within the courtroom of public opinion. I see too giant quite a lot of individuals within the information praising Hamas, and celebrating the brutal killing of Israelis and the taking and hiding of hostages. I see faculty youngsters on campuses who’re anti-Israel with out even actually understanding the historical past of the nation or what it stands for. I hear of swastikas and different antisemitic insults spray painted on Jewish establishments and buildings.

That is what these terrorists need. Because the president of america mentioned from the White Home on Oct. 20, “The terrorist group Hamas unleashed pure, unadulterated evil on the planet.”

Hamas has individuals fooled. They’ve fooled individuals into believing that it’s their proper to commit atrocious crimes in opposition to humanity as a result of they’ve been oppressed. They’ve fooled individuals into believing it’s the Israelis who’re barbaric. They’ve fooled individuals into believing that Israel deserves to be annihilated. They’ve fooled individuals into believing that they’ve a worthy trigger, when their solely trigger is to commit genocide and exterminate a complete race of individuals.

I see picture after picture plastered within the information of the individuals of Gaza digging out from bombed buildings to rescue individuals trapped beneath the rubble. I see photographs of adults in Gaza carrying the our bodies of kids. Our hearts bleed for them. It’s extra pointless, tragic lack of life. However the fanatical ideology of Hamas is furthered with the printing of those images. Why? As a result of that is what Hamas desires you to see, they usually have designed it this fashion.

Hamas locations and discharges their weapons from civilian areas close to hospitals, colleges and different neighborhood buildings. They use people as shields, as NATO has documented. Hamas is aware of you’ll view these pictures and sympathize. Hamas is aware of you may be appalled by the photographs. Hamas makes positive the world sees these heart-wrenching photographs. Hamas is aware of you’ll be sickened by the variety of casualties they report (which can’t be verified).

And the place precisely is Hamas? They’re entrenched within the tunnels they’ve spent years constructing beneath the land. They’re strolling among the many civilians of Gaza. They’re forbidding the residents of Gaza to flee with a view to keep away from the catastrophes. As terrorists do, they put their innocents in entrance of them and allow them to bear the brunt of battle. They use them to affect the opinions of individuals half a world away. They manipulate by spreading this propaganda.

Are the members of Hamas good to their very own individuals? In response to the Council on International Relations, “Hamas additionally represses the Gazan media, civilian activism on social media, the political opposition, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), leaving it with out mechanisms for accountability.” I additionally really feel for the residents of Gaza who’re repressed by Hamas and used as victims.

All these methods are a part of the terrorist manifesto. It’s been this fashion for so long as I can keep in mind. Be taught your historical past. That is nothing new. Maybe the brand new half is that photographs unfold quicker around the globe with the usage of social media. Individuals make snap judgments with out understanding the context of the image. Individuals are too fast to evaluate.

I encourage you, expensive reader, to open up your thoughts and educate your self. Whereas no person is saying that the Israelis are good or at all times do the suitable factor, the fierce antizionism and antisemitism showing all around the world has obtained to cease. Rise up for what is true.

Diane B. Gensler is the creator of “Forgive Us Our Trespasses: A Memoir of a Jewish Instructor in a Catholic College.”